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At Pix Brand, we know the drill to create the most sophisticated eCommerce solutions that bring you traction, revenue, and growth- perfect UI/UX strategies, combined with bleeding-edge technology, marketing campaigns, and acute optimization. We ensure that attention transforms to conversion with our Shopify services.

  • UI/UX Design
  • eCommerce Development
  • Headless Commerce
  • Platform Migration
  • International Expansion
  • B2B Commerce
  • eCommerce Strategy
  • Technical

UI/UX Design

As the leading UI UX design company, Pix Brand offers excellent capabilities to its projects regarding UI/UX design, crafting compelling stories for landing pages that hook, engage, and keep users coming for more. Our UI/UX experts are ready and able to give you the best of their craft.

A silver laptop computer displaying a website with the text "India's favourite Syrups. Shop Now Lagoona" on the screen. A bottle of syrup is on top of the laptop screen, obscuring part of the text. The laptop is on a wooden table.

eCommerce Development

Shopping on devices is only going to be trending in the future. We know that, which is why we assist you in developing innovative eCommerce solutions so shoppers keep shopping, and you keep ensuring their smooth shopping experience day in and day out.

Headless Commerce

If constant innovation is a big value driver for you, then Headless Commerce offers you a great chance to experiment in the backend, while your customers face no trouble with a separate frontend, without any lag in their experience.

Platform Migration

Stay on the move with changing technological preferences and switch platforms effectively with Pix Brand’s capable platform migration services. We help you scale and adapt to the cloud and varying infrastructures, without any hassle.

International Expansion

With consistent success domestically, our technology experts at Pix Brand help you expand your brand’s presence beyond national borders to newer markets, opening you up for the whole wide world as your product playground.

B2B Commerce

Take the first-mover advantage and usher in a new way to indulge in B2B commerce, with Pix Brand and its B2B commerce service offerings. A completely digital and marvelous way to conduct business is possible with us.

eCommerce Strategy

All set with an eCommerce website but don’t know how to take it ahead? We help you craft amazing eCommerce strategies that send the right brand message to your potential customers and the masses too.

Technical Discovery

Advanced technology keeps everyone on their toes. This is where we assist you in understanding new technologies better and offer suggestions that involve integration with newer technologies for the perfect industrial survival.


Why Pix Brand is the Best eCommerce
Website Development Company for You

Over the years, Pix Brand has been among the leaders in offering stupendous eCommerce and Shopify web design services that are tuned to the dynamic nature of online businesses, delivering excellence in every project.

Client Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the biggest driving force for us, and we establish a direct link to their happiness with our world-class eCommerce web development services.

Agile Process

Expertise translates to excellence- exactly the reason why we have a team of eCommerce and Shopify developers to take care of your next eCommerce baby with utmost love and care.

Dedicated Teams

We at Pix Brand are dedicated to quality. To guarantee accuracy, our services are managed by qualified teams. Additionally, clients have a designated specialist for a customized, team-based strategy that guarantees results.

Integrity & Transparency

We never think of our clients as ‘clients’- we think of them as partners, and as partners, we always encourage a collaboration that works wonders for both- you, as well as us.

Engaging Campaigns

Just being there online isn’t enough, which is why we also keep you updated with multiple campaigns that not just target and engage but also help you generate revenue and scale.

Cost Flexibility

At the end of the day, development costs matter. Pix Brand offers supreme and industry-topping prices, making you pay only for the features that you are looking for in your project, and nothing else!

Common Features

Retail Mobile App

In order to give your customers’ best digital experience, we design and develop ecommerce mobile apps that give your users engaging and real time shopping experience as well as helps to retain and allure them to revisit your app frequently. Our ecommerce mobile apps help your business to create an online marketplace to attract multiple vendors to online sell their different product brands.

  • Seamless UI
  • E-Catalogues
  • Complete security includes transactions and payment
  • Multi-Currency
  • Order tracking
  • Personalised option to send offers, sale and other announcements
  • Product reviews
  • Products Gallery
  • Store-map for holistic shopping experience
  • Reports & analytics
  • Multilingual support
  • Price check, product availability, price comparison
  • Social media integration
  • Multiple purchase options
  • Advanced products search criteria/filters
  • Simple inventory management
  • User-friendly app navigation
  • Highly secured payment methods
  • Unlimited products & categories
  • Display and track shopping items
  • Easy shopping cart administration