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Chokhi Dhani: Hotel & Resort

A Wholesome Rajasthani Experience: The Chokhi Dhani Hotel & Resort


Indore, India


Hospitality, Hotel & Resort


- Market Research
- Adobe XD Design
- Adobe XD Prototypes
- Brand Guidelines
- Website Design & Development
- Digital Marketing


- 1x Project Manager
- 1x UI/UX Creative Director
- 1x Web Designer
- 1x Brand Specialist
- 1x Front-end Developer
- 1x Quality Assurance Tester
- 1x Digital Marketer

The Client

For more than three decades, Chokhi Dhani has been synonymous with the people of Indore for a vibe that delivers Rajasthan at its premises. Over the years, the group has also expanded beyond the Indian borders and is among the top hotels and luxury resorts in locations like Europe and Middle-east too. And when they look to revamp their brand identity, you know you have got a task on your hands.

The Challenge

Chokhi Dhani was always a popular choice among people looking for a getaway and exploring a new tradition and way of things. Creating a brand identity that kept the same essence intact while also increasing the overall appeal to bring in a fresh audience was a task assigned to Pix Brand.

The Solution

It was clear from the get-go that Chokhi Dhani needed a digital identity that was second to none. From a dedicated front-end developer for their landing page to a devoted design team, the Pix Brand family collaborated with the stakeholders in understanding not just the requirements, but also offered multiple alternatives to every option of the solutions. This kept the client involved throughout the process, and our timeline adherence always ensured a positive environment throughout.

The Result

Today, the Chokhi Dhani brand has a formidable presence as a luxury lifestyle resort brand and multiple design and interactive elements across its identity radiate confidence that only comes when someone sticks to a tradition of royalty, bringing in loyal and new clients at a significant pace.