Pix Brand Pvt. Ltd.


Electric Bikes - eCommerce
Website UI/UX Design


Israel, West Asia




- Adobe XD Design
- Adobe XD Prototypes


- 1x Project Manager
- 1x UI/UX Creative Director

The Client

Based in Germany, the client approached Pix Brand to offer his e-bike tuning brand a unique identity. The idea was revolutionary: it offered e-bike tuning solutions to increase the speed and range of existing electric motors. The fundamentals were sorted in their own right, but there was a need to let that x-factor show to the masses.

The Challenge

E-bike tuning solutions are a very niche category and one that is going to take its own sweet time in becoming a rage. There was the challenge: making people understand what Bikespeed was all about and ensuring ease in educating people about it.

The Solution

Our branding experts at Pix Brand brainstormed on a variety of brand elements, such as fonts and colour palettes to ensure a consistent appeal throughout all collaterals. The greens nicely summarized the eco-friendly nature of Bikespeed. For creating the website too, the development team followed the same approach.

The result was great marketing and brand identity for Bikespeed, properly rendering itself unique from the competition by quite a fair distance.

The Result

Today, Bikespeed is an e-tuning solutions provider par excellence with a great consolidated presence in the domain. With huge brands as partners, it’s positive days for Bikespeed ahead.