Pix Brand Pvt. Ltd.


Soft Drink & Syrup's - eCommerce Website UI/UX Design


Ajmer, Rajasthan, India




- Market Research
- Adobe XD Design
- Adobe XD Prototypes
- Brand Guidelines
- Website Design
- Website Development


- 1x Project Manager
- 1x UI/UX Creative Director
- 1 x Web Designer
- 1 x Brand Specialist
- 1 x Front-end Developer
- 1 x Back-end Developer
- 1 x Quality Assurance Tester

The Client

Bhikkilal’s is a beverages and syrup brand based out of Ajmer, Rajasthan, offering refreshing ready-to-prepare syrups in different flavours without additives to customers, delivering pure goodness with every sip. In a short period since COVID, Bhikkilal’s has enjoyed a positive brand image among audiences, owing to its unique Indian flavours that offer a unique differentiating aspect.

The Challenge

While during the pandemic, Bhikkilal’s major progress revolved around customer testimonials and sampling reviews, there came a time quickly when the company stakeholders thought to elevate their business operations to a new level by creating the right brand identity throughout the digital and print ecosystem. With established brands already in the syrup and beverage market, the differentiation had to be extremely well-crafted and on point.

The Solution

From enabling customers to shop Bhikkilal’s products online to a great brand presence on social media, the brand design had to be impeccable. Pix Brand assigned a team of design, development, and branding experts to the brand to set guidelines per current trends to deliver an exemplary user experience. We also kept the right people from Bhikkilal’s in the loop with each process step to ensure proper alignment.

The Result

Today, from an e-commerce Sharbat website to a sizeable chunk of the audience on multiple digital platforms, Bhikkilal’s is successfully reaping the benefits of a modern approach to the traditional beverage category. New launches come with targeted campaigns on social media, and truly, it is just the start for the brand with a long way to go.