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Jajot Electronics

Buy and Order online from Jajot, Ajmer


Ajmer, India




- Market Research
- Adobe XD Design
- Adobe XD Prototypes
- Brand Guidelines


- 1 x Project Manager
- 1x UI/UX Creative Director
- 1 x Web Designer
- 1 x Front-end Developer
- 1 x Back-end Developer
- 1 x Quality Assurance Tester

The Client

Based out of Ajmer, Jajot Electronics is a leading manufacturer and seller of electronic appliances, proud of manufacturing devices that are completely indigenous and owned by them. With a class-leading R&D team and quality components, every appliance manufactured by Jajot has its unique standing in the market. With a loyal customer base, Jajot is fully aware of what it takes to be a leading electronics manufacturer in a highly competitive market segment.

The Challenge

Despite a good presence on the ground, Jajot was unable to match up with the biggest trend in the new world- the digital domain. The biggest reason why this was a priority for them was expansion plans, and expanding beyond their locations meant they needed more revenue. They wanted to make their products more accessible to a wider audience, and they reached out to Pix Brand with the challenge.

The Solution

Pix Brand has been a leading developer of eCommerce solutions that are not just cutting-edge but also offer superlative access with intuitive interfaces and modular platforms. And this is exactly how our team solved Jajot’s challenge too. To expand the reach, we designed a simple eCommerce platform with a Shopify integration to deliver the ‘maximum’ at the ‘minimum’, where the former refers to offering great Jajot products to a wider audience, and the latter refers to the complexity in terms of design and execution.

The Result

Today, a considerable portion of Jajot’s revenue comes from its online eCommerce store, where offers get displayed to a wide audience, the products are there for everyone to see and choose from, and with a simple payment process and checkout, Jajot has been a winner for Pix Brand and a testimony to its X-factor.