Pix Brand Pvt. Ltd.

Sanlorenzo Agricola - Fruits & Vegetables

Fresh Harvests- Farm-to-Doorstep Delivery of Quality Fruits and Vegetables


Pachino SR, Italy




- Market Research
- Adobe XD Design
- Adobe XD Prototypes
- Brand Identity
- Brand Guidelines


- 1x Project Manager
- 1x UI/UX Creative Director
- 1x Web Designer
- 1x Brand Specialist
- 1x Front-end Developer
- 1x Back-end Developer
- 1x Quality Assurance Tester
- 1x Digital Marketer

The Client

Sanlorenzo Agricola is a leading application where users can order fresh fruits and vegetables directly from farms to their homes. The app orders are transferred directly to a backend processing unit, and a lot of focus is put on the hygiene, freshness, and final packaging before being loaded to logistics and delivered to customers. It has been one of the many projects where Pix Brand showed its resilience and adaptability to come up with a truly mesmerising app.

The Challenge

The challenge with Sanlorenzo Agricola was to keep the ordering and payment processes as simple as possible. Because the app dealt with groceries, it was crucial to make the products feel fresh even in product pictures. Couple that up with easy payment gateways for users and minimalistic design theme, and our team had the tasks cut out for us quite in front of us.


The Solution

Our team first took a list of products that were to be sold and conducted a professional photoshoot for use in the app. Then, we connected with the stakeholders and presented a few app wireframe options to finalize the design for the to-be developed application. With a low-code agile approach, our team was able to deliver the final Sanlorenzo Agricola app on time, and the client was highly impressed with the final version of the app.

The Result

At present, Sanlorenzo Agricola has been a well-reputed and well-rounded mobile app that ticks all the right boxes to make a grocery app popular among users, generating a major chunk of revenue with its existing users and getting new users with an effective social media campaign, designed exclusively for them by the Pix Brand social media team.