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Rescue Food, Save Earth: A Sustainable Mission.


Istanbul, Turkey


Food Mobile app


- Market Research
- dobe XD Prototypes
-Adobe XD Design
-Brand Identity
- Brand Guidelines


- 1x Project Manager
- 1x UI/UX Creative Director
- 1 x Web Designer
- 1 x Brand Specialist
- 1 x Front-end Developer
- 1 x Back-end Developer
- 1 x Quality Assurance Tester
- 1 x Digital Marketer

The Client

Sepetbox is a platform that aims to tackle one of the most crucial issues that’s plaguing the world in recent times-food wastage. Sepetbox provides a highly collaborative platform between different food store owners and connects them with users willing to buy a Sepetbox which contains surplus food from the appointed food outlet. In exchange, the user not just gets an element of surprise, but also helps to address a social cause in the process.

The Challenge

Sepetbox had to be convincing in its cause to cut down food wastage through users, who could be from different walks of life with varying degrees of technical awareness. This is why despite an elaborate functionality flow and setup, the app itself had to be very simple and sorted in its operations. Other than visuals and features, the working had to be very simple and easy-to-use.

The Solution

It was important to ensure that Sepetbox had a unique visual presence and brand identity, so that the brand message could resonate with both the existing as well as first-time users. We took our own sweet time in coming up with exemplary visual designs for every page of the app, where every design element had a purpose for being there, justifying the client’s requirement for a clutter-free product. Interactive designs with simple-to-understand visuals took the final Sepetbox product to a whole new level without any doubt.

The Result

After a considerable time of collaboration and brainstorming with the client, we were successful in launching the web and app platform for Sepetbox into a completely bespoke product that ticked all the requirement boxes for our client. It’s been one of our more significant products in recent times and we are still associated with the top-tier management for changes and updates as and when they need new implementations in place.