Pix Brand Pvt. Ltd.


Tranquille: Connecting the World to Wellness


Istanbul, Turkey


Food Mobile app


- Market Research
- dobe XD Prototypes
- Adobe XD Design
- Brand Identity
- Brand Guidelines


- 1 x Project Manager
- 1x UI/UX Creative Director
- 1x Web Designer
- 1x Brand Specialist
- 1 x Front-end Developer
- 1 x Back-end Developer
- 1 x Quality Assurance Tester
- 1 x Digital Marketer

The Client

TranQuille is a health and wellness app that offers hair and beauty services via a booking platform in advance to avoid last-minute waits in spas, salons, and wellness centres. The app brings in bookings, outlet locations, ratings, review pages, and more. Bringing together a lot of beauty and wellness places was never the challenge, but doing it through a cohesive and user-friendly app layout was the original task that we were expected to deliver.

The Challenge

Booking apps are a challenge, mainly because they provide everything in a manner that’s required to be simple for the target audiences, the case here being middle-aged men and women, with limited to no knowledge of going the digital way and using a booking app for their salon or spa appointment. The main challenge was to ensure simplicity in the overall app layout and make it accessible to a broad spectrum of potential users.

The Solution

Pix Brand initially had a couple of consultations with the client to understand the requirements and determine exactly what was to be done through the app in terms of features and usability. Once the checklist on different milestones and approaches was ticked off, our developer team got into action and with the UX and content creators, got into creating an app that was light on the eyes for the colour attributes, using light and pastel shades to keep the vibrant quotient intact and scream out positivity. One of the biggest wins for Pix Brand as a team here was the adherence and success of nailing the timelines for each milestone with perfection.

The Result

Today, TranQuille is an impeccable and one of the most well-reputed booking applications for salons and spas in its region. It took its own sweet time, but the deployment and after-association with the client speak volumes on the app that we were able to deliver.