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Published: 21/10/2023

1. Grow Your Shopify Store- Tips from a Shopify Development Agency

When it comes to taking your products to the market where a sizable chunk of the audience is waiting for something new and unique, then it won’t come as a surprise to you that Shopify takes the top honours there.

Today, there are over 4.4 million shopping websites that use Shopify as their platform of choice, while more than 25000 such sites make use of Shopify Plus. This is a huge number, which is not just a testimony to its popularity, but also shows the simplicity through which it ensures that going online is no more a painstaking task.

Sincere companies, offering Shopify web design services won’t shy away from stating that the Shopify success bandwagon follows a dual-ended approach- it is classy enough to gain the attention of retailers and small businesses, while also simple enough for regular people to understand and make a business out of it too.

The catch? Not just you, but everybody knows about Shopify stores now.

The number of Shopify sites we mentioned above also shows the kind of competition that’s out there in the market, and to genuinely grow, creating a Shopify store is just the tip of the iceberg.

You will require a significant amount more.

2. Tips for Super Shopify- From a Shopify eCommerce Development Company

At Pix Brand , we have been curating the best Shopify design and development services since 2017, and many of our projects have been the subject of great elation to us. Our team is renowned for the work that has been achieved on the Shopify development front, and over time, our experts have become more aware of what ticks, and what doesn’t stick.

This is why, from our viewpoint, here are a few tips that will help you make the most of this promising eCommerce avenue:

Tip 1: Have an Expansive Product Catalogue

This is one of the simplest approaches, but it’s best in that simplicity. To grow more, you need to have a large number of products that you are willing to offer to customers. The more requirements you succeed in fulfilling, the broader will be the scope of customers looking for you while shopping.

It’s important to ensure that you invest a good amount of time in your research for products, and how flexible you can be with your products out there without compromising on the quality as a whole.

This is one tip to reap benefits from your investment in Shopify web design services.

Tip 2: Ensure Mobile Phone Compatibility

Mobiles and smartphones have become huge contributors to online shopping and surfing, to the extent that more than half of the internet’s traffic today is generated from mobile phones.

Deciding to take an approach where mobile phones are not a part can be disastrous in the long run for your Shopify store’s growth.

Make sure that your Shopify store is mobile-friendly, and offers audiences an amazing experience throughout, without any compromise at all In fact, your Shopify development agency should be the first one to go with this approach (if it’s the right one for you, of course!).

Tip 3: Focus on Creating a Healthy Mailing List

A mailing list is a great marketing avenue, as you don’t need to stay dependent on avenues like search engines and social media for customers to find you. Once you have the mail credentials, then you can send the customers you need an email any time you want.

In terms of ROI too, email marketing for eCommerce is one of the most amazing options and opens doors for offering customized options for selected customers from time to time too.

Tip 4: Content Optimization According to eCommerce

The way you share your products depends a lot on the kind of content that you have woven around your products. Content plays a pivotal role in engaging the visitors on your site, and make no mistake that it involves a major chunk of the whole experience that you cannot ignore.

Let Shopify design and development services offer you insight into the kind of content that they think would be a perfect fit given your store, and it’s going to leave a lasting impact on their minds, that’s for sure.

Tip 5: Use Those Paid Ads Intelligently

Organic traffic was a crucial parameter to measure success, but that was a long time ago. This is because platforms like Facebook and YouTube have taken some big steps to limit organic reach, so that you will need to make use of their paid searches.

But, for your store, you can use these paid ads to some significant advantage. Executing paid ad campaigns offer a lot of benefits:

  • Understanding customer patterns better
  • Testing ads by changing content and checking impact
  • An idea about client conversion before SEO optimization

3. Final Thoughts

Shopify web development services are here to stay, and that has a lot to do with the sheer flexibility that you can have for your store. Like we mentioned above, this is Pix Brand’s take on the best tips that can help you achieve a lot more with your Shopify eCommerce store.

If you are looking for a highly professional and collaborative Shopify store design agency, we can definitely help you there with our all-encompassing Shopify eCommerce solution suite.